DreamUp Tower is an Extraordinary Product Proposed for the Marcus Lemonis Brand

Conceptualized by Creative Director & Designer, Stephen S. Cascio


DreamUp Tower Emotionally and Physically Allows The Marcus Lemonis Brand to Come Alive

At approximately 16 stories high, DreamUp Towers’ aspiration is to let people of all ages take notice and experience the Marcus Lemonis brand through onsite education, healthy eateries, an event hall, design exhibits, and local shops—topped by 360-degree breathtaking panoramic views of its community.

The tower is crowned with 3 enclosed floors and at the very top, an outdoor SkyDeck. The floors are designated to each part of Marcus’s passions: small business, life/style, people and culture coming together enjoying foods, with an awesome view of the world.

DreamUp Tower’s are designed for the public and emerging communities. Its unique multipurpose structure becomes an extraordinary community area landmark and destination attraction— highlighting and promoting the Marcus Lemonis brand.


The rendered structure above was inspired by the Kuching Civic Centre in Malaysia and is shown for design inspiration only.

An Architectural Wonder, Empowering Minds to Wonder

One and not done.

DreamUp Tower developments are scalable. Once the initial DreamUp development has been thoughtfully designed and successful, other DreamUp Towers developments will be established in emerging communities across America, and or, around the world.  Locations are selectively determined by community interest, demographic research, revenue, and growth sustainability.

Playful, Awestruck, Imaginative Architecture

To add originality and excitement to the Marcus Lemonis brand and its residing community, DreamUp Towers take on a variety of inspiring architectural designs by world-class architects. These creative minds continue to incorporate innovative materials, latest technology and new experiences, as the DreamUp team continues to embellish from past developments.


Open to the Public, Designed to Heighten Imagination and Opportunity

  1. 360 Outdoor SkyDeck with Custard/Coffee Bar
  2. Restaurant Bar/Live Music/Hall
  3. Life/Style Center
  4. Business Academy
  5. Multi-Elevator System & Stairs
  6. Ground Level Development (Optional)

Ground level developments are preferred at the time of the Tower construction. For investment and economic factors, ground developments may become a Phase 2 stage.

DreamUp Tower ground build-outs may include a MARCUS boutique, local shops, indoor-outdoor patio cafe, Innovation Exhibit, farmers market, lawn grounds for events, a community Visitors Center, management offices and underground parking.

Our Human Fascination with Towers

• Arriving at the top of a tower can feel entrancing.

• Distinctive architecture of a tower can symbolize individuality, creativity, and imagination.

• Being able to view 360 degrees high above a community, has a subconscious power to inspire one to see above and beyond common perception.

• A soaring towers unique unexpected architecture attracts curiosity and wonder.  It becomes a proud community landmark and destination attraction.

• Towers can trigger inner emotions of thrill, inspiration and exhilaration.

• Perched high in a tower can have a physiological effect of being suspended in a dreamlike state-of-mind.

• Being elevated high above the ground can give a person a sense of achievement and significance.  The journey to the top and trusting support structure beneath—may stand for courage, and confidence to move forward and up in the world.

The Art of Naming the Tower, DreamUp

The name DreamUp Tower  was inspired by the act of envisioning ideas and  imaginary events in one’s mind. Combining the word Dream with “UP” —reflects a positive connotation, and hints at the height of the physical structure while giving a creative entrepreneurial spirit to the name, DreamUp.

The naming of the tower is open for discussion. 



Stephen S. Cascio
Kenosha, WI

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