DreamUp Tower is an Extraordinary Product Proposed for the Marcus Lemonis Brand

Conceptualized by Creative Director & Designer, Stephen S. Cascio


DreamUp Tower brings the Marcus Lemonis brand to life, both emotionally and physically.

Standing at approximately 16 stories tall, the DreamUp Tower aims to capture the attention of people of all ages by offering an immersive experience of the Marcus Lemonis brand through on-site education, healthy dining options, event spaces, design exhibits, and local shops. The crowning jewel of the tower is the SkyDeck, located on the topmost level, offering 360-degree panoramic views of the surrounding community.

The tower’s three enclosed floors are dedicated to each aspect of Marcus’s passions: small business, lifestyle, people, and culture, inviting visitors to come together, dine and enjoy the stunning view from above.

The DreamUp Tower is designed to serve the public and emerging communities. Its versatile structure serves as an iconic landmark and destination attraction, showcasing and promoting the Marcus Lemonis brand. Its multipurpose design makes it a hub for community activities.

The rendered structure above was inspired by the Kuching Civic Centre in Malaysia and is shown for design inspiration only.

An Architectural Wonder, Empowering Minds to Wonder

One and not done.

The DreamUp Tower developments are designed to be scalable. Following the successful design and implementation of the initial DreamUp development, additional towers will be established in emerging communities across America and around the world. The selection of locations is based on a combination of factors such as community interest, demographic research, revenue potential, and growth sustainability.

Playful, Awestruck, Imaginative Architecture

To infuse originality and excitement into the Marcus Lemonis brand and its surrounding community, DreamUp Towers feature a range of distinctive architectural designs created by renowned architects. These creative minds incorporate innovative materials, cutting-edge technology, and new experiences, as the DreamUp team continues to build upon and improve upon past developments.


Open to the Public, Designed to Heighten Imagination and Opportunity

  1. 360 Outdoor SkyDeck with Custard/Coffee Bar
  2. Restaurant Bar/Live Music/Hall
  3. Life/Style Center
  4. Business Academy
  5. Multi-Elevator System & Stairs
  6. Ground Level Development (Optional)

Ground-level developments are prioritized during the construction of the DreamUp Tower. However, for investment and economic reasons, ground-level developments may be implemented in a later Phase 2 stage.

The ground-level build-outs of the DreamUp Tower may include a MARCUS boutique, local shops, indoor-outdoor patio café, Innovation Exhibit, farmers market, event space on the lawn, a community Visitors Center, management offices, and underground parking.

Our Human Fascination with Towers

• Reaching the summit of a tower can be mesmerizing.

• The distinctive architecture of a tower symbolizes individuality, creativity, and imagination.

• Viewing the surrounding community from 360 degrees from high above can subconsciously inspire one to see beyond common perception.

• The unique and unexpected architecture of a towering structure can evoke curiosity and wonder, becoming a proud landmark and destination attraction for the community.

• Being in a tower can elicit feelings of thrill, inspiration, and exhilaration.

• Being perched high in a tower can have a physiological effect of being in a dream-like state of mind.

• Being elevated above the ground can give a person a sense of achievement and significance. The journey to the top, and the trust in the supporting structure beneath, may symbolize courage and confidence to move forward and upward in the world.

The Art of Naming the Tower, DreamUp

The name DreamUp Tower was inspired by the act of visualizing ideas and imaginary events in one’s mind. The combination of the word “Dream” with “UP” conveys a positive connotation and alludes to the height of the physical structure, while also evoking a creative, entrepreneurial spirit in the name DreamUp.

Note: The naming of the tower is open for discussion.



Stephen S. Cascio
Kenosha, WI

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