DreamUp Tower

An Extraordinary Product Extension Proposed for the Marcus Lemonis Brand.

Marcus’s Grandest Adventure. Ever.

Proposed by Marketing Creative Director and Designer, Stephen S. Cascio

Marcus Logo

An Architectural Wonder, Designed to Inspire Minds to Wonder.

At 17 stories high, DreamUp Towers are designed for the public and emerging communities. Its unique multipurpose structure becomes an extraordinary community area landmark and destination attraction— highlighting and promoting the Marcus Lemonis brand.

Locations are selectively determined by community interest, demographic research, profit, and growth sustainability.

The rendered structure above was inspired by a single level Kuching Civic Centre in Malaysia and is shown for design inspiration only. Overseen by Marcus Lemonis and team, each DreamUp Tower will be originally designed by world-class architects and designers.

DreamUp Tower Showcases and Elevates the Marcus Brand at Every Touchpoint

DreamUp Towers’ aspiration is to let people of all ages take notice and experience the Marcus Lemonis brand through onsite education, healthy eateries with live music, local shops, an event hall, and design exhibits—topped by featuring 360-degree breathtaking panoramic views of its community. 


Open to the Public, Designed to Heighten the Imagination and Opportunity

  1. 360 Semi-covered Observation deck with a Custard Stand
  2. Restaurant Bar/Live music/Hall
  3. Life/Style Learning Center
  4. Business Academy
  5. Elevators & Stairs

Ground Level consists of a MARCUS boutique, local shops, indoor-outdoor patio cafe, Innovation museum, lawn grounds for events, management offices and underground parking.

To add originality and new experiences to the Marcus Lemonis brand and the residing community, DreamUp Tower may take-on a variety of inspiring architectural designs by world-class architects.

Designer, Cascio’s View on Why a 360 Degree Tower and Not a Building

Arriving at the top of a tower feels magical.

The distinctive architecture of a tower can symbolize individuality, vision, creativity, and imagination.

Being able to view 360 degrees high above a community, has a subconscious power to inspire one to see above and beyond common perception.

A soaring tower’s unique unexpected architecture attracts curiosity and wonder. It becomes a monumental and proud community landmark and destination attraction.

Towers can trigger inner emotions of thrill, inspiration, and exhilaration.

Perched high in a tower can have the psychological effect of being suspended in a dreamlike state of mind.

Raised tall and elevated high above the ground can give a person a sense of achievement and significance. The elevator journey to the top and the trusting support structure beneath— stands for courage, strength, and confidence to move forward and up in the world.


Communities Participate, Partner and Invest in Their DreamUp Tower

At 51%, Marcus Lemonis manages and controls the entire process and development. With 49% remaining, the community’s residents and local company’s are given the opportunity to invest in their DreamUp Tower. This is creatively done by establishing a Lemonis Community Investment Fund which gives ownership and revenue back into the community—supported by a confident and trusting partnership with Marcus Lemonis.


Undistracted and Not Far from Large Cities, DreamUp Towers are Located in Earthly-Inspired Emerging Communities.

Center of Attention. DreamUp Towers Attract and Support Larger Developments

Inaugural DreamUp Tower Ribbon-Cutting May Premiere in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Hugging the beautiful shoreline of Lake Michigan, Kenosha is nestled closely between Chicago and Milwaukee and is Wisconsin’s fourth-largest city with a population of 100,052. Kenosha is a city that DreamUp designer and long-time resident, Stephen S. Cascio knows so well. The highlighted proposed open-parkland area is currently own by the city and is welcoming development proposals. Hosting DreamUp Tower on this lakefront site would give visitors an extraordinary view of the Kenosha and the area, downtown and Lake Michigan coastline.

Free Online Learning Center Coincides With a Fuller Marcus Lemonis Business Academy


A Graduate Certified Curriculum | Lower Level

Business Academy’s Surrounding Area Relationships

Partnering and being associated with the Marcus Lemonis Business Academy at DreamUp Tower becomes an awe-inspiring alternative and addition to furthering education and experiences. From approximately, a 40-mile radius of DreamUp Tower, businesses, individuals, academia, and groups can tap into and capitalize on the amenities, resources, E-learning, and the onsite Business Academy curriculum.


Bringing people with ideas, information and inspiration together.

It’s not a college or a prestigious business university, it’s DreamUp Towers’s Marcus Lemonis Business Academy for the real world.


Keynotes. Workshops. Exibitions.

The Business Academy at Dream Up Tower becomes a lively inspirational environment that host influential speakers, One Hundred Percent Podcasts, roundtables, workshops, and Business-After 5 events. This room/studio intimately engages presenters with listeners, while being streamed to millions around the world.

Becoming a member of the Business Academy gives small businesses, individuals, chambers, academia, and groups more access to graduate curriculums, events, talks, promotions, and DreamUp Tower amenities.

DreamUp Nurtures, Teaches and Recruits Young Entrepreneurs for Our Future

Little dreamers.

As kids and young adults navigate through life, it’s important for them to learn how the world turns—from where things come from to creativity and process to why something may cost 5 months’ worth of allowance.

When kids and young adults visit or take a field trip to DreamUp Tower, it gives them the freedom to rethink their perception of life and see the world differently. This is done by design exhibits, healthier lifestyle eateries, hands-on creative workshops, and more. Their experience at DreamUp may even coincide with their school with a Marcus Lemonis Life & Youth Business Learning curriculum—all designed for kids and young adults to self-discovery and explore a purposeful and fulfilling life and career in their upcoming future.


For a Better You | Middle Level

Life/Style Center’s Surrounding Area Public Interest

From kids to seniors, participating at Life/Style events at DreamUp Tower becomes an amazing life learning extension for individuals, families and the community.

These well-organized events, introduces new ideas and experiences that shape lives based around what the Marcus Lemonis brand stands for. These events may be live-streamed, and could be posted as informative content to the Marcu Lemonis Life/Style website.


Bringing people with ideas, information and inspiration together.

The Marcus Life/Style Center at DreamUp Tower, reunites human interaction, and the beauty & purpose of life to a new higher level.


Guest Host. Workshops. Classes. Demonstrations.

The Marcus Life/Style Center at Dream Up Tower becomes an eventful inspirational place that host local to influential talent from all over the world. From cooking demonstrations, wellness programs, adoption options, to remodeling your kitchen, to Ageless Living programs that teach seniors how to physically and mentally navigate through life with fun and pleasure, and more.  These programs can be streamed live.

Beyond free events to help sustain and grow unique programs—lifetime or yearly individual/family memberships becomes a revenue option.


Felling On Top of The World | Top Level

There’s Nothing Quite Like It.

As all your senses peaked, there may be no better place to enjoy a healthy dish or your favorite glass of beverage other than DreamUp Tower. With 360-degree breathtaking views, the restaurant is designed with private rooms for intimate gatherings to a larger hall to celebrate a wedding, an anniversary or a special catering event.

Step outside and lounge on balconies that suspend your enjoyment and experience way above neighboring treetops to off in the distant church steeples. DreamUp captures extraordinary views that gives a new appreciation to the viewer and its community.


Experience Out of The Ordinary

Looking for a memorable place to get together to entertain friends, family and out of town guest? From a casual breakfast, lunch or dinner, DreamUp restaurant 

What’s In a Name?

The name DreamUp Tower was inspired by the act of envisioning imaginary events in one’s mind. Combining the word “UP” with Dream—reflects a positive connotation, and hints at the height of the physical structure while giving a creative entrepreneurial spirit to the name, DreamUp.

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