DreamUp. A New Marcus Lemonis Series?

CNBC, in partnership with Marcus Lemonis, could premiere a new TV series, “Dream Up,” which will give audiences an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the revolutionary DreamUp Tower project.

Unlike “The Profit,” which focuses on the turnaround of struggling businesses, “Dream Up” will highlight the creative process, innovation, education, design, and investment opportunities in small businesses and community development. The series will also delve into the Life/Style aspect of the project, highlighting how the tower will promote physical and mental wellness, in addition to supporting small businesses.

In additional, Marcus expands the conversation of how a DreamUp development integrates with emerging communities and flourishes into vibrant economic growth for the area. This topic becomes a new business component Marcus could never fully expand and talk about.

The DreamUp show provides tremendous PR for DreamUp funding/investment and new location development opportunities.

Alternative Media Options

In addition to the behind-the-scenes focus on product, people, and process, the new CNBC series “Dream Up” will also delve into the impact of the project on emerging communities, highlighting how the development of DreamUp can drive vibrant economic growth in the area. This new aspect of the show will give Marcus the opportunity to delve deeper into the topic and explore the relationship between business and community development.

The series will also provide valuable publicity for DreamUp, potentially attracting funding and new development opportunities for the project.


CNBC & DreamUp


Stephen S. Cascio
Kenosha, WI