Communities Partner and Invest in Their Own DreamUp Tower

At DreamUp Tower, Marcus Lemonis holds a majority ownership of 51% and manages the development process to ensure a high-quality guest experience. To give back to the community and provide investment opportunities, 49% ownership is made available to residents and local businesses through the Lemonis Community Investment Fund. This fund ensures that revenue is invested back into the community, fostering a strong partnership between Marcus Lemonis and the community.

Outside of the community investors are invited in if the 49% of the Lemonis Community Investment Fund is not completely attained.

DreanUp Tower Cost?

DreamUp Tower is unique in its design, offering multiple floor levels dedicated to specific functions and amenities. Each location of DreamUp Tower is tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of the community it serves, while also addressing any potential local challenges.

Included in a list but not limited to, areas that will be considered in a Feasibility Study.

Feasibility Cost

Interest and Demand Study

Land/Property Acquisition

Property Taxes

Design/Architecture Fees

Engineering Cost

Ground Development

Underground Parking


Material Cost

Supply Cost

Operational Cost


Energy Consumption

Legal Fees

Insurance Fees


Funding DreamUp Tower


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Kenosha, WI

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