In The Vicinity of Larger Cities, DreamUp Towers Dwell within Emerging Communities

DreamUp Tower is a unique and prominent structure within its community, standing tall and commanding attention. With its diverse range of amenities and offerings, it has the potential to attract visitors from a wide radius, with people willing to travel up to 45 minutes to experience its unique features. The tower’s design and location are tailored to meet specific goals and address specific challenges, making each DreamUp Tower a one-of-a-kind destination.

You Are Never Too Small To Make a Difference

Smaller in scale to the Statue of Liberty and dwarfed by Seattle’s Space Needle, a 16 story DreamUp Tower becomes a feature in-and-among communities with buildings 12 stories and less.

5 Factors that May Determine a Vibrant DreamUp Tower Location


For a greater demographic sampling and pull, the community is located in the vicinity of larger cities.


The demographic region of people are entrepreneurs, creatives and independent business types.


Community must show stability and growth in people incubating start-ups.


In and around lakes, rivers, hills, valleys, mountains and inspirational terrain are areas where a DreamUp development shows off best in a community.


(Added Value) Residents and companies within the community show interest in partnering and investing in their own DreamUp Tower development. 

Mayors, heads of City Planning, and investors may submit a DreamUp In My Community application for review.

The Inaugural DreamUp Tower Ribbon-Cutting May Premiere in Kenosha, WI.

Nestled between Chicago and Milwaukee, Kenosha is Wisconsin’s fourth-largest city with a population of 100,052. As a long-time resident, DreamUp designer Stephen S. Cascio is well-acquainted with the city and its potential.

The proposed open parkland area on the map below, currently owned by the city, is open to development proposals. Building DreamUp Tower on this prime lakefront location would offer visitors unparalleled views of Kenosha, the surrounding area, downtown, and the Lake Michigan coastline.

Watch Kenosha, Wisconsin Proposed Site Video

From California to Florida, DreamUp Finds Its Happy Place

It is Good People Who Make Good Places


DreamUp Tower Locations


Stephen S. Cascio
Kenosha, WI

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