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Business Academy’s Surrounding Area Relationships

Partnering and being associated with the Marcus Business Academy at DreamUp Tower becomes an awe-inspiring alternative and addition to furthering education and experiences. From approximately, a 40-mile radius of DreamUp Tower, businesses, individuals, academia, and groups can tap into and capitalize on the amenities, resources, E-learning, and the onsite Marcus Business Academy curriculum.



Earn a Graduate Business Degree

Starting with free online lessons, the Marcus Business Academy is an enriched deeper dive into the art of business.  It’s not a college or a prestigious business university, it’s real-time education for the real world.


Keynotes. Workshops. Exibitions.

The Marcus Business Academy at Dream Up Tower becomes a lively inspirational environment that host influential speakers, One Hundred Percent Podcasts, roundtables, workshops, and Business-After 5 events. This room/studio intimately engages presenters with listeners, while being streamed to millions around the world.

Becoming a member of the Marcus Business Academy gives small businesses, individuals, chambers, academia, and groups more access to graduate curriculums, events, talks, promotions, and DreamUp Tower amenities.

DreamUp Nurtures, Teaches and Recruits Young Entrepreneurs for Our Future

Little dreamers.

As kids and young adults navigate through life, it’s important for them to learn how the world turns—from where things come from to creativity and process to why something may cost 5 months’ worth of allowance.

When kids and young adults visit or take a field trip to DreamUp Tower, it gives them the freedom to rethink their perception of life and see the world differently. This is done by design exhibits, healthier lifestyle eateries, hands-on creative workshops, and more. Their experience at DreamUp may even coincide with their school with a Marcus Lemonis Life & Youth Business Learning curriculum—all designed for kids and young adults to self-discovery and explore a purposeful and fulfilling life and career in their upcoming future.


Marcus Business Academy


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